What Insurance Covers Dental Benefit in Singapore


August 26, 2018


Recently quite a few friends asked me to review their insurance plans to find out if these plans cover dental benefits. Here is a brief answer in this area.

In the insurance clauses, there are two types of dental treatments. The first type is accidental dental treatment, and the second type is non-accidental dental treatment. A common example for the first type is that someone injures his teeth in a traffic accident. While the second type includes teeth scaling, filling and wisdom tooth extraction.

Common medical insurance cover the first type of dental treatment. If you are going overseas, your travel insurance also covers this type.

For the second type of dental treatment, middle-end medical insurance covers it as an optional rider, while high-end medical insurance covers it as a packaged benefit. After reviewing, if you find that your insurance plans do not cover this benefit, what can you do? If you are an employee in a company, you can utilise the dental allowance in your employee benefit to cover such expenses. The amount exceeding the dental allowance limit you have to pay by yourself. For expensive treatments such as wisdom tooth extraction, you may consider having them during your trip back in your home country. The dental cost in your home country is most probably lower than that in Singapore.

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