Tony's Speech on Career Development


October 22, 2018

In September this year, I received an invitation from AXA to give a speech on AXA Career Talk in October to share my experience on career development. I have attended various career talks and listened to the sharing from other practitioners in the financial services industry. After taking up this responsibility, I have been thinking how to share my true and unique experience, and resonate with the audience at the same time.


After lots of effort put in the preparation, the speech was a success during AXA Career Talk on 20 Oct 2018. You can click the links at the end of this article to view the video playback of the speech. The speech consists of three sections. In the first section, I illustrated my career development goals (including self management, passive income accumulation and personal network expansion), and my switch from an engineer to a financial planner. In the second section, I used my experience to share how a new financial planner can define his/her markets, and how he/she can win the trust from clients and set up personal brand by creating values for the markets. In the third section, I presented what I gain from the career in the financial services industry, and my vision for myself and my team.


The speech gave the audience some new ideas about career development. But due to limited time during the event, I was not able to answer everyone’s questions on the spot. If you have any questions about career development, you can click here to find out more, or contact me directly through the contact information at the bottom of this page.


Thank you AXA for providing such a meaningful platform to pass on useful messages about career development to people with a positive mind. Special thanks to my friends and group teammates for taking time to support me! Your presence let me be more confident.



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