Take a Pause and Think from a Third-party Angle


August 23, 2018


In the career as a financial planner, we face sudden changes frequently. These changes make us irritated. If we don’t handle the changes properly, more negative impacts may appear.

For example, we subcontracted the editing of a video to our business partner, expecting it to be ready on Tuesday. However on Monday, the business partner suddenly told us that due to certain restriction, they were only able to deliver the video on Thursday. Such situation is frustrating.


When we are emotional, it is more difficult to properly handle a situation. Under this circumstance, we can take a pause and let ourselves get out from the frustration. Next we can try to detach from ourselves, and think from a third-party angle to analyse the problem and come to a solution. In this way, although we may not be able to fully address the issue, we can minimize the damage and reduce the chance of regretting.

This series will share useful experience with you regularly on self-management.

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