Seminar on the Key Points for Intestate Succession Act and Will Writing in Singapore (for Clients and Friends)


August 05, 2019

Recently due to information efficiency and the improved awareness among the public, estate planning has gradually becoming an integrated part in personal financial planning. As a result, Tony studied the Intestate Succession Act and will writing related knowledge in Singapore context, converted them into contents which are easy to understand, and shared with his clients and friends in a seminar on the afternoon of 3 Aug 2019.

The seminar illustrated two major ways for estate distribution in Singapore: by Intestate Succession Act and by will. The introduction to Intestate Succession Act includes its distribution rules, common issues which it may lead to, and the actual distribution process. The introduction to will includes its validity requirements, important considerations in will writing, schedule of asset, the limitation of will, and the actual distribution process. The audience actively interacted with Tony during the seminar. They raised up many scenarios in practice, and tried to solve problems together through discussion. Similar events will be conducted regularly in the future. Welcome joining our community!



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