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Aug 2023

National Day Rally focuses on ageing well, keeping housing affordable with new approach

AGEING and housing were the central themes of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech on Sunday (Aug 20), in which he announced Central Provident Fund (CPF) bonuses for “young seniors” and a new way of classifying public flats.

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Asean remains ‘bright spot’ amid global economic uncertainty, says region’s finance ministers

Amid inflation and global economic uncertainty, Asean remains a bright spot with its robust economic growth, the region’s finance ministers said in a joint statement on Friday.

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MAS to Strengthen Defence Against Money Laundering Risks in Single Family Offices

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today launched a public consultation on a revised framework to strengthen surveillance and defence against money laundering (ML) risks in Singapore’s Single Family Office (SFO) sector. The revised framework will introduce a harmonised class exemption for SFOs with specific requirements to ensure that all SFOs are subject to anti-money laundering controls.

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Silver business: Inspired by their loved ones, they started companies helping the elderly

Caring for elderly relatives who fall sick sometimes brings up questions about why things are the way they are. Is there a better way? For Dr Shen Yiru, Mr Vincent Chua and Mr Isaiah Chng, such questions led to business innovations to plug gaps in the system.

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