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Jun 2021

Singapore wants to be an e-commerce hub as Asia’s digital economy grows

Singapore wants to become a leading e-commerce hub in Asia — but there may be challenges ahead. As the pandemic reshapes consumer behavior worldwide, more and more people in the region are shopping online and Southeast Asia’s digital economy saw significant growth.

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FDI to Asia defies pandemic to grow 4% in 2020, but S-E Asia takes a hit

FOREIGN direct investment (FDI) flows to developing countries in Asia increased by 4 per cent to US$535 billion in 2020, reflecting resilience amid global contraction which saw South-east Asia taking a hit with a 25 per cent contraction.

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Govt, private tie-ups key to sustainable infrastructure

Delivering quality and sustainable infrastructure has been made more challenging with the Covid-19 pandemic, and will be even more complex due to climate change and rapid urbanisation.

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Days off, free medical consultations: Companies roll out support for employees taking COVID-19 vaccine

As Singapore begins to vaccinate younger age groups against COVID-19, some companies have introduced measures to encourage employees to get their jabs and to support those who may suffer side effects.

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