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Dec 2020

Singapore economy tipped to grow 5.5% next year; vaccines could push growth higher

Singapore's economy will grow by 5.5 per cent in 2021 to end the nation's worst recession ever, induced by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a central bank survey of professional forecasters.

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Asian economies to regain pre-COVID scale in 2022: JCER

Economists expect Asian economies to turn around in 2021 following sharp drops in 2020, but the improvement could be slow as the future course of efforts to contain COVID-19 remains unclear. It is in 2022, not 2021, when these economies will regain pre-pandemic levels, a survey of economists suggests, with the effectiveness and availability of coronavirus vaccines likely to impact the pace of recovery.

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Singapore’s first digital banks: What services can you expect

The winners of Singapore's first digital bank licences were revealed on Friday (Dec 4). This means that for the first time here, non-banks will be allowed to provide banking services.

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Lab-grown chicken to be sold in Singapore after 'world's first' approval for cultured meat

Consumers in Singapore can soon get a taste of lab-grown or cultured chicken after food technology start-up Eat Just received the go-ahead to sell the product here.

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