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Mar 2020

Government doing all that it can to stabilise economy, save jobs and businesses amid COVID-19: PM Lee

It is also prepared to do more, said Mr Lee. "Whatever it takes to do that (help businesses), we will do," he told reporters during an interview at the Istana, in which he gave his take on the situation and laid out what the future could look like.

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Asian economies may ride out the coronavirus crisis better than the West, analysts say

Investors hunting for safe spots to park their money should look to Asia now amid the current pandemic, analysts said, highlighting that the region is much more prepared economically to ride out the current crisis compared to the West.

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Singapore eases monetary policy sharply as virus heralds deep recession

Singapore's central bank aggressively eased its monetary policy on Monday, as widely expected, with the city-state's bellwether economy bracing for a deep recession due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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SIA aims to raise $15 billion with support from Temasek to combat Covid-19 fallout

Singapore Airlines (SIA) aims to raise up to $15 billion amid major financial challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has hit the global air travel sector badly.

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