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Jun 2019

Singapore firms 'moderately optimistic' on growth amid global economic slowdown: Korn Ferry poll

Global macro factors and talent shortage are the top external factors that will impact overall business performance for Singapore firms in the coming year, according to a survey by management consultant firm Korn Ferry.

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Southeast Asian leaders show support for China-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

Southeast Asian leaders gathered in Bangkok on Saturday determined to drive forward the world’s largest commercial pact, with the trade war between the United States and China clouding the outlook for their export-led economies.

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Amid economic uncertainty, Singapore’s millennials face a disrupted narrative

Growing up, the Class of 2019 must never have imagined that this would be how their formal education journey ends. Study hard, get good qualifications, get a good job, so went the narrative. As long as you put your mind to it, there’s nothing you couldn’t achieve. But as they near the finishing line, they find that this narrative has very much been disrupted.

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SP Telecom and Nokia team up to bring Singapore’s first 5G fixed network by 2020

Singapore is consistently one of the world’s best places to connect to the internet, and if all goes well, the experience will soon get even better. To make 5G a reality, SP Telecom is collaborating with Finnish telecommunications company Nokia to introduce the nation’s first 5G-ready software defined network (SDN).

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