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Apr 2019

Government ready to steer Singapore economy through ups and downs: Heng Swee Keat

The Singapore economy will go through cycles and the Government is prepared for that, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat told Singapore media in San Francisco on the sidelines of a tech forum on the last day of his 11-day trip to the US.

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China's regional economic pull grows even in a slow down

Asia's tectonic plates are shifting. For decades, the U.S. economy ruled supreme. American shoppers set the pace for Asian exporters and the U.S. Federal Reserve set the cost of money for Asian companies. Slowly, however, the center of gravity is shifting. While the U.S. dollar and American interest rates still determine funding conditions across much of the region, demand is increasingly powered by China.

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FX Volumes for Singapore Banks Surge, Driven by Asia Growth

In recent years, foreign exchange (forex) trading volumes have picked up at Singapore banks, driven by strong economic growth in Asia, among other factors, a report by The Business Times in the country stated.

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Ofo’s licence cancelled after company fails to provide 'sufficient justifications' to LTA

Chinese bike-sharing company ofo’s licence was cancelled on Monday (Apr 22) after missing a deadline to remove its bicycles from public spaces in Singapore in March.

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